Food and Faith

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Wow, I got an awesome response back from people who want to get in on this Lent Experiment (you can read more about it here). How exciting! It is so much better to do this type of stuff together.

Lent starts on Wednesday, and in order to prep for a week of no eating out (including coffee!) I would suggest going to the grocery store today or tomorrow. Or, you could be really hardcore and just commit to eat from your pantry/freezer! If you are going to do the fasts, think about writing it down and sharing here in the comments, so we can all be encouraged (this would be a great time to set up a blog, hint hint).

I will be posting more on Wednesday about the first week and what I plan to do and share a little how much my relationship with buying food has changed in the past year. Also: who wants to come over for coffee in the next week? I am serious.


On a completely different topic . . .

The baby has her 18 month appointment tomorrow and is still not walking. She has taken some steps but as a general rule she Does.Not.Want.To.Walk. A doctor friend of mine commented on her lack of calf muscles (but boy does that girl have some thigh muscles) and it looks like we are going to have to step it up in the leg exercise department. In the past week we have done everything we can to “trick” her into standing–making her stand while eating, reading books, watching Sesame Street–and we have seen a little improvement. It’s hard to be in a place where I am not sure if I should be worried and what exactly I should be worried about. We should know more tomorrow, but I am nervous about the appointment. Prayers would be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Food and Faith

  1. Brioni says:

    What an interesting idea…thanks for sharing. I hope you get stuck in and really discover more of the Kingdom of God through the process. I’ll try and join in as much as I can. Happy Lenting!

  2. Grace says:

    What happened after the appointment? I’ve been doing more reading on the “knee walkers” and it seems it’s actually pretty common and can be more common in kids who lack “confidence” of being able to walk on their feet without falling, but not a sign of some muscle/neuro delay. I still don’t think you need to worry much about the muscular/neurodevelopmental diseases, as it’s so uncommon in girls and also it’s usually the other way around with large calf muscles and not large thigh muscles…a blood test wouldn’t hurt to make sure, but not necessary right now. I’m glad to hear she’s been walking more!!!

    • Well, the doctor is referring us to the early intervention people. According to their questionnaire, the baby scored really low on gross motor skills and fairly low on fine motor skills. So we should have some people coming to our apartment in the next week or so to do some tests. I am trying not to be worried . . .


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