Lent: A Mutiny Against Excess. Week 2: Possessions!

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OK, yesterday I was feeling it on the food thing. I was also really cranky and wanted nothing more than to go buy a pastry. But I didn’t. and I feel proud. Also, I am feeling so lazy (and recovering from crazy other things in life) that we might not make it to the store today. Something with eggs for dinner it is!

So here is the lowdown for the next week:

Week two: Possessions.
In this week we will focus on both clothing and possessions. Focusing on reducing our clothes allows us to be free from the tyranny of fashion and trying to impress people. Focusing on reducing our possessions will allow us to de-clutter our lives and highlight what we truly need to live in the kingdom of God. Set aside extra time in this week to go through your house and be prepared to get rid of a lot! As we reduce our possessions we should also look to a future where re-using, recycling, and doing without becomes our new normal. Stuff will never make us happy.

Since this is not only about living a more simple life but also doing with less so that others can have more, we would like to do a community garage sale at the end of Lent with all the proceeds going directly to help establish a safe house for children coming out of trafficking in Haiti. If garage sales aren’t your thing, feel free to donate to a women’s shelter or a local clothing closet or better yet–give it to people you know that are in need.

Update: If you live in the Portland area, Haley has graciously offered her place for the garage sale. We are thinking the weekend of Spring Break (the 24th-25th). Contact us for more details!

Practical Fasts:
Sort through your clothes (and your families clothes) and reduce by ⅓-½. There is no need to hoard when so many people in America are struggling to clothe their families. Think about what really fits you and what you actually wear (not what you want to wear).
Make a commitment to not buy new clothes for the week (or, for the rest of Lent).
Note: If you do choose to purchase clothes between now and Lent, consider shopping at thrift stores.

Do not buy any new possessions this week.
Commit to weed through your possessions. Tackle different areas on different days. If at all possible, save items for a garage sale. Areas to target include:

Prayer Focus:
Pray for the church to become less materialistic, and pray for Christ’s rule and reign in our hearts. Pray for our gospel to become bigger than success, and pray that we would get to know our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Resources: (AKA things that have helped me mutiny against “stuff”)

The Corporation  (a documentary that will change the way you shop. Guaranteed).

A Better World Shopper (click here for the website). (A great resource for finding out what is a sweatshop and what isn’t)

Clothes Off my Back clothing closet (A clothes closet my mom started to help the community in Park Rose. If you don’t want to mess with a garage sale, this would be a great place to donate your clothes! E-mail me at dlmmcsweeneys@gmail.com if you would like more info).

What are your resources? What are you excited about for this week? What makes you nervous?

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