The Kingdom

This is an experiment, of sorts. Can you watch this video by Eliot Rausch and tell me what you think? Because it killed me dead. And I want to know if it’s just me, or if other people get the wind knocked out of them by the mix of miracles and catastrophes that make up this world. In our community here we talk about 2 Corinthians 6:10, how we are sorrowful yet always rejoicing. Do you feel it this morning?

It snowed yesterday, and I took it as a sign. As we walk into our days we are finding out: people everywhere are hungry for the signs of the kingdom coming. I see it, every day. Do you?






Note: I think I will have to post little excerpts, poems, and videos on Mondays that go along with my theme of War Photographers. There is just too much goodness to share. Watch out for another killer guest post on Thursday. 

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14 thoughts on “The Kingdom

  1. Nicole says:

    thank you for sharing that video. Beautiful and gut-wrenching.

    I absolutely “get the wind knocked out of me by the mix of miracles and catastrophes that make up this world.”

  2. Wow. I got nothin’ WOW. Powerful, true, scary, wonderful. Thank you.

  3. Caris Adel says:

    Incredible. That tension is just too much sometimes.

  4. Deidra Riggs says:

    “Either he’s all, or he’s nothing.” Amen. (Thanks to Diana Trautwein for sending me this way.)

  5. OH! We are cut form the same cloth!

    I featured this video on SheLoves, Feb 2011! 🙂

    • i CAN believe you discovered this first. i love it when people think alike. i do feel like in some small way you have to “get it” a bit to feel encouraged by that video 🙂

  6. hisfirefly says:

    and how can we not share with the least of these, even those of us who are the least of these?

  7. I can’t breathe. So I pray He melts my frozen awestruck spirit at the Truth and that I am free to serve anew. Praying that Jesus who knows the rest of the story wraps these three in the video in His Kingdom arms…we are those hands and feet. I pray they are loved somewhere and working and living out their days with new hope.

  8. I love the build-up, but I guess I’m in the minority that I thought it stopped before we saw the redemption. We didn’t know whether the man felt God was all in, or whether he gave up hope. He was groaning for God in the worst of times, but did he find peace? Did he give it all over? Did he finally submit, and what emotions did that bring up? I wanted more! 🙂

  9. Deanna says:

    as a resident of Compton, this video immediately piqued my interest…but what struck me the most was how easily I accept some of those categories, yet others I am SO not comfortable with. challenging stuff.


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