beautiful, difficult, radical thanks

i woke up this morning to a quote by Craig Greenfield: “we cannot separate the beauty and goodness of radical hospitality with its difficulty”.

i am feeling this today. i am grateful and excited for a day of cooking and eating with dozens of neighbors–introducing people who have never had the traditional meal to turkey and mashed potatoes, and my all-important sugar pie. our apartment is strung with twinkle lights, we are listening to sufjan christmas, and we have decided that one of our new traditions is to eat cinnamon rolls and play with legos in the morning. it’s a beautiful life.

and also: i am missing my sisters and my mom and my dad something fierce. i will try not to think about it, all the rest of this day, this month, this holiday season. i have a bit of the ache that so many carry with them all the time. i look at old pictures and i cry; not just out of sadness, but out of all the goodness that makes me miss it so much. my mother, my sisters, my dad: they are the ones who first modeled radical hospitality to me, made me the person i am now. they showed me that family goes beyond blood, that there is always room at the table for more, that traditions are beautiful but so is turning everything upside-down for a king and a kingdom which can hold us all.

our mission organization has written out some beautiful commitments that we meditate on throughout the year. we just recently finished up thinking and praying about our commitment to celebration. here are some of the thoughts that we will be carrying with us through out this day, this week, this season, this long wait until everything is made new.

I will celebrate the light of Christ

in a world of darkness

the life of Christ

in a culture of death

the liberty of Christ

in a kingdom of captivity

and the hope of Christ

in an age of despair

I will rejoice always and in everything give thanks.

amen. happy thanksgiving.

thankful that i miss my sisters so very much.

thankful that i miss my sisters so very much. also, hipsters would kill for these sweatshirts.

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6 thoughts on “beautiful, difficult, radical thanks

  1. dianeemiller says:

    Happy Thanksgiving… live it deep, dear one. The Verge folks say authenticity is the new apologetics… keep owning that with your stories. Inspire, be real, keep hope…love from the family farm in central IL… Thankful for my blogging friends who inspire me with their stories ~ Shelam.

  2. Christena says:

    Thanks for this! Grateful for you.

  3. becca says:

    I love this, and that quote = so so true!

    Also, going to check out your mission organization now, thanks for linking to it!

  4. this is beautiful and real, Danielle. thank you for it – and for you, too.

  5. Y says:

    I believe that one of the key messages that Jesus came to offer is that family is a choice, not a genetic bond. We are enjoined to bond with those who share our values and our lives exemplifying these values. Happy holidays to you and your family of choice.


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