Signs Your Neighborhood Might Be Gentrifying

a list. because I am in a weird mood, and it is Thursday*.




image from Wreck City.

image from Wreck City.



Signs Your Neighborhood Might be Gentrifying


1. Ethnic restaurants crop up by the dozens; however, no ethnic people appear to be eating there.



2. The nearest Redbox is consistently out of any Aronofsky, Anderson, or Lynch films. Tyler Perry for days, though.



3. Sometimes, there are books other than religious tracks marketed towards children inside that one Little Free Library.



4. Your garage door gets vandalized with an aggressively optimistic Oprah quote.



5. Your neighborhood hosts a block party and everyone brings veggie pasta salad.



6. The ice cream truck/narcotics man goes out of business. Instead, a man on a bike tries sell you butternut squash soup out of his attached trailer.



7. Donut inflation becomes a serious, crippling issue.



8. Blonde-haired children strapped to their father’s bosoms are suddenly everywhere. Especially on Saturdays, waiting in line for an vaguely ethnic-sounding brunch spot.



9. A neighbor offers unsolicited mulching advice and invites you to join his guerrilla gardening squad.



10. All the poor people move out.








*don’t worry, I won’t give up my day job to start writing comedic pieces.


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7 thoughts on “Signs Your Neighborhood Might Be Gentrifying

  1. Liza Purdy says:

    is this happening to your neighborhood?

  2. dianeemiller says:

    Well, I’m sorry to say that it is happening in my neighborhood and I am more than alarmed. Especially because white hipster-type pastors are also moving in, helping the process, not understanding how it pushes out indigenous residents, especially single moms & the elderly. Sigh.

    That said, our family is white & we have to own how we have probably contributed to the gentrification by choosing to live here, too… However, I will say that my daughter is quite happy to have a huge bevy of Tyler Perry movies in which she delights and emits deep belly laughter. Though, her Latina gal pals remaining in our ‘hood don’t quite have a like response.

    May we all dig a bit deeper in owning our stuff, living different and standing for justice for all!

    • yeah this was meant to be a little funny and a little sorrowful and just a teensy bit angry. because displacement is NOT ok. but i am so tied up in it myself. this is definitely happening on the edges of my neighborhood.

    • becca says:

      I feel the exact same way! When we first moved here and were the only white people, it didnt feel dangerous in terms of tipping the scale, but now it feels like we started an avalanche. And I want to stop feeling disappointed when well-meaning hipster Christians (some of whom are friends from my church) decide they want to “move to the neighborhood to love” . . . (which, btw, is probably the exact same reason we moved here but I cannot figure out how tell people they are hurting and not helping by moving in without learning/knowing anything about the existing culture, families, lives, or anything really). Sigh. Sorry, my thoughts surrounding this are varied and not well-organized. Also, freshly happening this very minute.

  3. I seriously resonate with this.

  4. And don’t forget the part when all the houses that used to be surrounded by only rose bushes are not surrounded by either impenetrable hedges or fences!

  5. […] Signs Your Neighborhood Might Be Gentrifying by D.L. Mayfield – “Signs Your Neighborhood Might be Gentrifying: 1. Ethnic restaurants crop up by the dozens; however, no ethnic people appear to be eating there…” […]


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