Hi all! over the weekend my husband helped create the most beautiful website I have ever seen. As this writing thing continues to stretch and grow I decided I wanted a space where people can more easily understand at a glimpse who I am and what I write about–and that it would be visually pleasing. Plus, I love the subversiveness of all of that color when we are supposed to be living in the bleak inner city (and it’s nice to look at right now when everything is covered in snow and will stay like that for nearly 3/4 of the year).

Anyways, I don’t believe there is any good way to transfer your readership over other than I need to right now go over and check out the new site, and then immediately subscribe to it in whatever blog reader you use (if you don’t use a blog reader–well, let me just say that Feedly is one of my favorite things in my life for organizing/reading blogs).

So here is the new site (all amazing photos are by my husband, BTW.) As of now all of my old blogs/comments have been transferred over, and all of my new posts will be at the site only. This is my last post on wordpress! So head on over and be sure to subscribe (I have a pretty intense article on burning Bible college degrees coming out later this week . . .)


And thanks so much for reading along!







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3 thoughts on “NEW SITE!

  1. Dan Antion says:

    The site looks very nice. Is there a way to subscribe for email notification? That’s about the only reliable method (for me) to keep up with a blog.


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