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Lent, Week 4: Spending

Wow, is it already the 4th week of Lent????? And so our experimental mutiny against excess continues (inspired, as ever, by Jen Hatmaker and her book 7).


This week? We tackle spending. In the book, Jen and her family picked 7 places to spend money at for a whole month. Since this is only a week, I decided to make it really challenging for us. This week, we are only allowed to spend money at 2 places:

1. The gas station

2. A local food co-op


We happen to live really close to a pretty schnazzy food co-op. I was going to pick some uber-cheap grocery store, but I thought I would stretch myself and make this more about being wise (and local, and sustainable) with my money. The co-op has always seemed prohibitively expensive to me, but it won’t be if I am not buying coffee out or a new shirt at Goodwill. So today me and the baby and a friend ambled over there (in the rain!) and shopped at the farmers market they have on Wednesdays. This is going to be a week of tofu, kale, and onions, and honey. It could be worse!


Here are the guidelines, if you are playing along:

Week four: Spending
This week we will look at all our little justifications for spending money squarely in the eye. By curbing our own spending, we can better identify with our brothers and sisters throughout the world who have little or no money to spare. Limit all spending this week: food, drink, restaurants, entertainment, possessions: put a hold on all  them.

Practical Fasts:
Pick one grocery store (preferably local), one gas station, one all-purpose store (obviously if you have bills to pay, you should do that). Don’t spend money anywhere else.
Invite people over for coffee, and watch old movies that you already own. Be creative!

This week will be another chance to repent of the idols in our life and to refocus our priorities on the kingdom of God. The Bible is full of passages on social and economic justice that we can look to for encouragement and support as we learn to do without.


If you need a refresher on what this is all about, go here.


And, as always, I want to hear any thoughts you have if you are doing this in any part!

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